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Unlimited Miniaturized Bug

An UMTS audio-video miniaturized bug, which allows a good quality real time audio-video transmission...

Earphone Camera

Is a micro camera wisely hidden in an earphone. An excellent device for under coverage and spying tasks...

Professional Micro Video Camera

Is a shooting video system, suitable for professional use and extreme sports. Due to its ultra-strong...


Is a bluetooth Gsm wristwatch equipped with wireless micro earpiece, to communicate...

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Untraceable GSM Phone

Siemens s65 changed into an untraceable device. It warns you about any intrusion attempt.

EM Digital Voice Recorder

EM Digital Voice Recorder series records voice messages within frequency band 300-3400 Hz and with sample rate 8000 kHz in flash memory.

UHF Audio Transmitter

Extremely miniaturized crystal controlled UHF audio transmitter.

Wall microphone stethoscope

Wall microphone stethoscope for audio monitoring through wall...

Cordless, invisible micro earpiece

For cellular phones, the cordless alternative to the standard wired earpiece invisible to the eye.Now also available with bluetooth collar.

Spy GSM cell phone

GSM interceptor is able to intercept cell phone conversation, environmental conversations, incoming and outgoing SMS, location track.

Directional microphone

An UMTS audio-video miniaturized bug, which allows a good quality real time audio-video transmission with no range limit.

GSM audio transmitter

with unlimited distance for vehicles and environments.It uses GSM base stations for data transmission.

Radio-controlled helicopters and blimps

equipped with wireless video system for aerial video surveillance.

Secure Data Removal System (Prototype)

System for instant and emergency data removal from magnetic carriers!! (HDD, VHS, BETACAM, ZIP etc.

GSM Cell Phone Audio Transmitter

A teddy shaped cell phone, expressly designed for children from 3 to 10 years old. It makes parents able to control their children by distance, assuring their safeguard.

Digital and analog dictaphone jammer

It can be applied with success to blocking work of various types of radio microphones.
Endoacustica. Lending extended Eyes and Ears for you
Each time you happen to see a recent Hollywood flick, you would begin to wonder if the contraptions they use in the movies could be really available for personal use. Surprisingly, they are and How! People have always felt the need to spy on others or get information in a clandestine manner. Secrecy has always been a big thing and often times; there must have been times in your life when you would have thought of eves-dropping into a conversation or wanted to know what's happening behind those closed doors.

Endoacustica exists to bring all of your needs to fruition. We bridge the known with the unknown.

We offer an unfathomable and impressive range of spy equipments products including:
  • Spy cell phones that can intercept background and telephone conversations
  • Spy phones able to intercept incoming and outgoing messages
  • Professional telephone audio transmitters -- bugs that are so small they can be hidden in Jewelry, clothes, etc
  • Miniaturized wireless earpieces -- minute and invisible earpieces that can disappear entirely in the ear passage
  • Micro-recorders with wireless transmitters and digital micro-recorders which have a large recording capacity
  • Long-range directional microphones amplified and pre-amplified for a better understanding of what is said
  • Professional voice changers essential for women who live alone, GSM Jammers that inhibit the reception of the latest cell phones
  • Encrypted phones which protect your phone calls
  • Radio-controlled helicopters for aerial video surveillance
  • Background digital bugs used exclusively by the police forces
  • Hidden Tele-cameras in the guise of a button or screw for hidden video recordings
Furthermore, Endoacustica spy store offers a bewildering range of surveillance services for background surveillance, for background improvement, aerial video surveillance and defense from interception.

We even feature some exclusive products like the world's smallest micro-spy -- the telephone micro-transmitter which transmits by GSM or the spy cell phone which even works without a battery (not that this spy cell phone is exclusively for the police forces).

Our products are designed to fetch you information; to spy; to do surveillance; to bug; to protect yourself or others from personal or professional espionage and we continue to add more to ever growing product portfolio.

Endoacustica strives to bring the very best of the world's personal and business safety to you using our state-of-the-art spy store.

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We realize audio-video taking miniaturized systems with remote image transmission and video recording.

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